My 70’s Rock ’n Roll Publishing Adventures

February 14, 2008

I always had a fascination with publishing and during the 1970’s I did several publishing projects throughout the decade after publishing two issues of a comics fanzine (more on that another time) in 1971 & 1972. With my life-long case of rock ‘n roll fever (Chuck Berry and I share the same birthday and the first time Lennon & McCartney ever played together as teenagers was the day I was born) at an all-time high in the 70’s I published numerous issues of two rock ‘n roll publications: Boxoffice Rock magazine (based on the northeast Ohio music scene) and Bangagong Magazine, published and distributed ‘national’ and featuring a more ‘international’ flavor that also went beyond rock ‘n roll.



ABOVE: The cover of Boxoffice Rock 6


While recently going through a couple of containers looking for photos for my recently passed Mother’s services I came across two errant copies of each magazine floating around in a container. Here you will find the covers in addition to an advertisement for the last issue of Bangagong that ran in a couple of various trade publications.


1981 was the last year I published Bangagong as my involvement with auto racing became more and more dominant. The issue of Boxoffice Rock you see here was the last issue as well (1980).


Bangagong was primarily a mail-order magazine and one of its achievements was a glowing and highly positive review of it in Trouser Press, one of my favorite magazines at the time. The only criticism that critic had of Bangagong was it was “too professional”.



ABOVE: Issue 7 of Bangagong Magazine.


I published, edited, wrote the majority of them and also did the layouts, all before home computers. It was a blast to read through them again and see what was happening musically, especially locally & regionally. Didn’t make any money but enjoyed the hell out of doing them.



ABOVE: An advertisement for Bangagong Magazine


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