I Need A New Wallet

February 18, 2008



I need a wallet. Again.


It’s not that I abuse them or have them stuffed full of greenbacks, it’s just that I rarely buy one and only then when the one I have is so ragged, worn, torn and basically falling apart, which is the condition my current wallet is in. Is it in bad shape? The threads are hanging!

For twenty-five or more years whenever I needed a new wallet, whether I thought so or the wife did, I only had to wait until Father’s Day, my birthday or Christmas and invariably I would get a new one from one of my kids. Basic black, with a section to hold photos and don’t spend over $10.00. Five bucks would be better (those were always my requirements).


But with my kids grown and out of the house and no such holiday in sight it appears I’ll have to find a new one on my own. I need a new one anyway as the plastic photo holder is about worn out and of course filled with grandkids pictures but I got some new ones that need put in. Somewhere I have a stack of old plastic wallet photo holders that go back to before my own kids were in school. That’s where my collection of their school photos are, still wedged into an old wallet photo holder. 


The pics of the two wallets you see here are the first two wallets I ever owned. My Mom bought the Batman wallet at Buckeye Mart in Wooster, OH circa 1966. The Green Hornet wallet came in 1967 when my Aunt Margie bought it for me at some store in the Summit Mall when I was spending a long weekend with her. 


 Nothing has changed. I have about the same amount of money now as I did back then!


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