Support The Brian Epstein Campaign!

February 28, 2008



I’m not much of a fan of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame anymore, what with their wacked out bizarre selections of recent years but there is a website run by a group of people actively trying to get a special person finally inducted and this particular person more than proves the point that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is crazed and losing credibility: Brian Epstein. 


Over the past 40-some years I have read and heard a multitude of people say, “Where would rock & roll be without the Beatles?” True. But where would the Beatles have been without Brian Epstein? As has been the case very single year since the start of the Hall of Fame – his name has never been included on the list of non-performers selected by the Hall’s Nominating Committee to be considered for induction.


The Campaign To Have Mister Brian Epstein Inducted Into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has an online petition going and if you have any love of rock & roll and/or the Beatles take one minute and stop by and sign it! Go to BrianEpstein.com – the Official Website dedicated to celebrating the life and achievements of Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Go now!



  1. Hey Doc Lehman,

    I’m not the biggest Facebook fan, but, encouraged by FB’s success in various endeavors such as the Betty White and the Conan O’Brien campaigns, the Admins of the “Induct Brian” page have drafted me, and we actually seem to be enjoying a modicum of success with our
    page ~ even to the point of three Beatle relatives personally endorsing it, which is unusual (for privacy reasons, I shall not name them ~ but you can peruse the growing list of “Likers” to find them).

    Our Facebook page, at this point, has over 1,650 members. Besides the obvious signing of Martin Lewis’s petition as noted in your main post, we encourage our “Likers” to use their creativity and try to appeal to the common sense and morals (as if) of the RRHoF on their FB page, Twitter, and the blog on their main website (URLs to be found on our FB page).

    Personally, I cannot WAIT until Brian is inducted in that place, so I can get back to what I consider more important Eppy endeavors. Including another trip to Liverpool next year, hopefully!



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