Born To Boogie, Indeed!

July 29, 2008
The cover of the BORN TO BOOGIE deluxe DVD set. Buy it!

The cover of the BORN TO BOOGIE deluxe DVD set. Buy it!

 My all time favorite film is A HARD DAY’S NIGHT featuring the Beatles. My second all-time favorite film is BORN TO BOOGIE despite having only seen it once, back in 1974 and then again in late ’77. It took from ’77 until 2006 until I was able to see it again when it was released in a deluxe DVD package.
I recall reading about it when it was first released back in the early 70’s in CIRCUS, CREEM, HIT PARADER and ROLLING STONE magazines and then remember a couple months later that myself and others were pissed because we read in (Cleveland) SCENE that it wasn’t going to be distributed in the USA. Until 1974 and I caught it. And then one Saturday evening circa late 1977 a buddy, myself and two dates were headed to Cleveland for dinner and a night out when an advertisement on the radio announced a special one-night only Midnight showing of BORN TO BOOGIE at the Mellett Mall theatre in Canton, OH. I freaked! Needless to say we ate, had fun in Cleveland and then headed south to Canton to catch the film.


Marc Bolan - The man behind T.Rex and T.Rextasy!

Marc Bolan – The man behind T.Rex and T.Rextasy!


Wish they had camcorders then cause I would have bootlegged it.

And then, decades later, they finally released it in the USA on DVD.

It’s a great film and really showcases Marc Bolan as a true rock ‘n roll star. Hell, he epitomized being what a true rock star was (no one has/had more fun being a ‘rock star’ on stage than Bolan and perhaps Paul Stanley).
Directed by Ringo Starr, who makes several appearances (along with Elton John), it’s basically a concert film interspersed with some sublime segments. Also in the package are two T.Rex concerts and a killer documentary hosted by Bolan’s son Rolan Bolan.
Worth the price of admission!
You can find out more about it here: http://www.borntoboogie.net


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