Att’n: Future Protege Superstars Spotlighted

September 10, 2008

C’mon, look at the photo above and the one below. C’mon! Admit it! Those boys are cute, handsome, hip, young & groovy. The two sharp looking young men in the pics here are my two oldest grandsons and yesterday the above photo of the boys on the cover of Buckeye Monthly, a Ohio State University magazine was taken at the Wayne County Fair in Wooster, OH at the booth for the Grace Brethren Church.
Not sure how long they have been doing this but last year we happened upon the Grace Brethren Church  booth and the photo you will see at the end of this missive is of Hunter & Beau transposed onto the cover of NASCAR Illustrated. Above, as stated, Hunter & Beau are on the cover of Buckeye Monthly, the cover of choice used by Grace Brethren Church this year at the fair.
The church does this for free. They take the photo, hand you a card with a website address and an identification number and the next afternoon (today) you can download your photo. The subjects stand in front of a large green screen* for the photo and then they work their magic and the subjects appear on a magazine cover. It’s a great keepsake and the boys will enjoy having them when they are old and wore out like me.
(* I mention the green screen because if you look close at Beau you will see the stadium crowd imposed on his shirt. It was a green Gap shirt!)
We have them framed and proudly hanging on a wall. Nanny called our daughter-in-law to remind her about this so she and our son can have the same keepsake above only of their two sons, and our two youngest grandsons, Brenden & Kaden when they attend the fair this week.




Even though I don’t attend Grace Brethren Church their reputation is solid in Wayne County for their giving and compassion, especially when it comes to children. A wonderful church.
So why put them on this blog? Because I’m one of t-h-o-s-e grandparents. You know, the annoying, bothersome, boring ones who incessantly talk (brag) about their grandkids and are always sticking pictures of them in your face. You know the stereotype! That’s me! (I occasionally catch people rolling their eyes when I am in the midst of a filibuster about my grandkids). Even my wife finds it an annoying trait.
Like I care!
They’re my grandkids and they are probably the reason I am still alive right now, according to my wife, clergy and other family members (the last heart attack, #3, was supposed to take me out permanently but damned if the Man Upstairs and that surgeon save my butt). So I’m on borrowed time and as long as I live, you’ll hear about my four superstars (the population increases by one when grandkid #5 arrives in February).
Ain’t they cool?








  1. Seeing that I’m the grandfather of three, I would, and I do, the same thing. Those are some pretty neat pics.

  2. neat pics, but it looks like there is a pot leaf next to the “F” on the first one…

  3. Lisa: That would be an actual buckeye which floruish growing throughout Ohio, the ‘Buckeye’ state. (But yeah, the leaf you’re referring to is probably prevalent throughout Ohio too.)

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