Wondering About The WILD THINGS

September 24, 2008
The WILD THINGS on the popular Saturday morning Dance Party TV Show hosted by Jerry Rasor on WCMH-TV Channel 4 in Columbus, Ohio circa 1967.

The WILD THINGS on the popular Saturday morning Dance Party TV Show hosted by Jerry Rasor on WCMH-TV Channel 4 in Columbus, Ohio circa 1967.

Who are and what happened to The Wild Things? That is a question that has driven me crazy for years! Back in the 60’s I had a cousin who moved to Columbus to work. She used to come back to our area to visit and on several occasions talked about an all-girl rock band called The Wild Things. My cousin Fran used to see them on occasion and always talked about how good they were. She also mentioned that they were so good they appeared on television.
In the 70’s I was writing for several music publications in addition to publishing my own (Boxoffice Rock and Bangagong) and I tried to locate members of the band for a story, but to no avail. But now with the computer age maybe I will have more luck. Basically, after hearing about them 40 years ago and trying to locate them 30 years ago, I’m still curious about the band and wonder if they ever put out any recordings.
Maybe someone will stumble upon this blog and be able to fill me in.
What I do know about the band is they were based in the Columbus, Ohio area and the band consisted of Linda Myers on Drums & Vocals; Robin Reading on Lead Guitar & Vocal; Martha Potter on Rhythm Guitar and Vicki Yaklevich on Bass Guitar. Myers is the daughter of the late Al Myers, a renowned guitarist and musician. The band existed around 1966-1969.
They played at schools and local venues including Summers & Son and the Valley Dale Ballroom. They also appeared on local TV including the popular Saturday morning Dance Party TV Show hosted by Jerry Rasor on WCMH-TV Channel 4 in Columbus. Circa 1967 they also appeared on the Splash Party TV show hosted by Rasor on WCMH. (Splash Party was taped/filmed at local swimming pools with live bands.)
So, does anyone out there have the lowdown on The Wild Things?





The Wild Things rocking some high school in the mid-1960's somewhere around Columbus, Ohio.

The Wild Things rocking in an unknown high school in the mid-1960’s somewhere around Columbus, Ohio.




  1. Back in late winter, 1969, a very good female vocalist joined a band that I was in, called Love Street. I was the lead guitar player and a buddy, Rich Muir on rhythm guitar, both lived in Grove City. The bass player, Joe Lawler, from the west side of Columbus, had brought over this singer to possibly join up with us. She was very good, and did join the band. I can remember her saying that she had been in the Wild Things at one time. her name was Daphne Cornelius and she lived in Westerville at the time. The band lasted until the end of 1969. She and I dated for most of that time, and I don’t remember any more talk about the Wild Things. I later heard a rumor that she had moved to New York City.

    • Hi Steve. I’m Martha (third from left). I have been looking for Daphne myself. She was the lead singer in the second “Wild Things” that we put together after Robin (blond) moved to California. If you hear anything about her, let me know. The last I heard was that she moved to New York also. (She was going by Veronica then).

  2. The girl, second from the left, in the first photo, looks like Daphne Cornelius, mentioned in my first post.

  3. hey i was wondering if anyone had any videos of the jerry rasor dance party. a friend of mine played in a band there in the 60’s and i know alot of people would love to see some of the old shows thanks you

  4. Hi this is Robin Reading former lead guitar player for the Wild Things. I live in CA now and still play and write music. The original Wild Thing group had a band reunion in 2000 in Columbus and performed a concert with the Noblemen with some coverage in the Cols. Dispatch. We made the Columbus Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website as well.
    I still keep in touch with all the girls and see them every time I visit Columbus.
    Linda Myers and Martha Potter are still in Ohio – Vicki Yaklevich is in Florida and still plays bass very well! Great to know there are still “fans” out there.

    • Hey Robin,

      I just found this website. Pretty neat to be remembered kindly, huh. We should have another reunion.

      • Hey Martha!! Pretty cool that we made a positive impact on some folks! I’m up for another reunion…how about sometime this summer?
        Love ya

  5. PS the girl second from the left in the first photo is Linda Myers. I’m first, then Linda, Martha Potter & finally Vicki Yaklevich.
    In the second photo which is several years earlier, Linda on drums, Vicki bass, me with my Gibson and finally Martha.
    Please feel free to contact me as I have more memorabelia and an actual recording of us from the 60’s!
    Thanks again for the interest. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner.

  6. Hi – sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I’m Robin Reading, former lead guitar player for the Wild Things.
    There was a band reunion in 2000 where we all played a mini concert in Columbus.
    Linda & Martha still live in Ohio, I’m in CA now still writing and playing music and Vicki is in FL. We all still keep in touch and it’s nice to know there are still ‘fans’ out there.

  7. Ha! this was my sister’s band. All members are alive and well and got together a while back at Linda’s home in Ohio. Jammed and played with former members of ‘The Noblemen’ another Columbus band.

  8. Music lessons, what a wonderful thing.Would you like to hang around a little after your lessons to play some top forty music?(teacher, Beatrice Myers, wife of Al Myers). Jean (last name forgotten),Diane Distlehorse, Martha Potter, and Vicki Yaklevich, all played acoustic guitars. WANTED: rhythm…you know teenagers, my Mother bugged me for weeks to bring my snare drum & brushes down, the girls would really like some rhythm. To get her to quit asking, I finally took them down. Blue jeans were becoming a popular item and add a white shirt, became our outfit for “Jean and the Blue Jeans”.Played at the Westgate Bean Dinner, the Ohio State Fair with other guitar students, and other local affairs thru my Father. We lost Jean thru marriage and she moved on with her life. With the interest in electric, bass, and a new student of my Fathers’, Robin, add a set of Ludwigs for Christmas, thus starts “The Wild Things”.Theme song “Wild Thing”, designer clothes made by Mrs. Reading, Robins’ Mother. I don’t remember any dance shows with Jerry, even though we played some pool parties. The photo with Jerry is at “The Fashion” department store, downtown Columbus. He was MC for one of two fashion shows we played for there. The other photo is at Grandview High School. Robin moved to CA with her family, it was a very sad time for us.Soon after we were introduced to MaryLou Roberts, she played keyboard & trumpet. Out of respect for Robin we changed our theme song to “Born to be Wild”.It was at this time that Daphne was vocalist for us. When we had our reunion we went thru exhausted efforts to try to find all that were involved from the beginning. Mom and Dad thanks for all the good memories and great friends you have given us!! Music Lessons. For laughs, I was taking accordian & organ lessons the same nite as the girls.(teacher, Mrs. Campbell) W.T. Linda Myers

  9. I first became aware of the Wild Things from a website maintained by Chris Calvin of the Noblemen. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more about the Wild Things than some of you and far less than you who were actually in the band (obviously).
    I started a Facebook group called “Central Ohio’s Rock & Roll Scrapbook” a couple years ago and I just recently started a fan page as well. Any of you who are on Facebook, I recommend you do a search for them. The page is still a work in progress, but the group is up to 700+ members and almost as many photos. I’d love to hear from the Wild Things or anybody else who was in a band back then…

  10. Hi! This is Martha’s daughter…I was so excited to find this!!! I am 27 and the last time they all got together for a reunion was when I was about 14 or 15..my mom lives in Columbus still & Linda, and Robin and Vicki Think they both live in Florida and Mary lou lives in Kentucky, I think…its great to hear they still have fans out there that remember them!!! If you would like to get into contact with them you can call me…my number is (614) 3750455….let’s try to get them all back together for another reunion!!! Thank you for your support 😉 my mom would really appreciate it!!

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