Four Color Beatles

October 8, 2008

Here is a random sampling of some Beatles related comic books that I had in my comic book collection back in the 1960’s. Marvel Comics did a Beatles bio comic book sometime in the 1970’s that I missed. Marvel also did the infamous KISS comic book where they mixed some band members blood with the ink prior to printing the KISS comic book. During the height of Beatlemania you could hardly pick up any comic books (especially the teen comics) or magazines without a Beatle tie-in somewhere.



  1. Cool beans

  2. The thing I see as amazing is that the Beatles weren’t together all that long when you consider other groups, such as the Stones have been together for about 45 years. Yet it’s always beatlemania that we always talk about when referring to that period in time.

  3. Who are the Beatles?
    Oh, yeah, they were the Monkees before there was the Monkees… 😉

  4. Nice work. I have a collection of over 100.


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