Favorite Females Of The 60’s Pt. 4

October 12, 2008
Julie Newmar is a Living Doll!

Julie Newmar is a Living Doll!

I knew Julie Newmar was something special and it didn’t take the Batman television series to convince me. My first exposure to the classy Julie Newmar was on the old My Living Doll television show starring Bob Cummings that ran from September 27, 1964 to September 8, 1965. My Mom watched anything Bob Cummings was in so we watched My Living Doll and Ms. Newmar captured my imagination way back then. It’s one of the first times I remember looking at an actress on TV and thinking: ‘Wow, she’s absolutely beautiful!’


Ms. Newmar was born Julie Chalene Newmeyer in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Helen Jesmer, was a Ziegfeld Follies dancer and her father, Donald Newmeyer, was a former pro football tackle for the Los Angeles Buccaneers.


She has appeared in numerous films and on Broadway, winning a Tony Award for Marriage Go-Round.



Julie Newmar & Burt Ward

Julie Newmar & Burt Ward



Among her many TV appearances over the years include such shows as Star Trek, in the ‘Friday’s Child’ episode. Other appearances included It Takes A Thief, Get Smart, The Monkees, Beverly Hillbillies, F-Troop, Twilight Zone, Route 66, The Defenders, Person To Person, Phil Silvers, Bionic Woman, Bewitched, Love American Style, McMillan & Wife and dozens of others.

In My Living Doll she appeared as AF709, or, Rhoda The Robot. She was an android who was left in the care of one Dr. Bob McDonald, played by Cummings who was to complete her education and programming and, in a sense, instruct her to become the ‘perfect woman’.

Of course, she is probably best known to us Boomers as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman on the 60’s Batman TV show. She appeared 13 times on the series. She opted out of the ‘66 Batman film to take another role being replaced by Lee Meriwether. In the Batman series Eartha Kitt portrayed Catwoman in the last season. Since that time Michelle Pfieffer and Halley Berry have played the character but no one will ever replace Ms. Newmar, not even Angelina Jolie, who Ms. Newmar has publicly suggested appear in the next Batman film as Catwoman.



As Adam West likely surmised, Ms. Newmar looks good at any angle.

As Adam West likely surmised, Ms. Newmar looks good at any angle.




One comment

  1. About the coment by Angel:
    Batman Forever is the batman was starred Val Kilmer, and that was first time for Robin to appear. That was made in 1995,
    It was a Blockbuster, for that summer,&
    made a great deal of Money. The worst one Ive seen is Batman and Robin, the next one with George Clonney, and same Robin(Chris O’Donnald) That was really a big flop. But
    they always pick on Val And George is fine.
    It’s a very ugly thing they do. Why they pick on Val Kilmer, Joel shummocher, wanted Val to make the next Batman before the contrack, but Val had all ready started The Saint. It was that Val made 1 batman contrack to make 2nd.Batman in 2 years, But joel wanted him sooner. So then he wrote a
    artical blamming Val, with allot of bad talk about Val as a actor, which now he denies. SP I love Val as Batman!!

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