Favorite Fanzines Of My Youth #1

October 17, 2008

A favorite fanzine from back in the day was Gary Groth’s Fantastic Fanzine, published in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and always chock full of quality. This is one of my favorite issues (big Steranko fan here). Fantastic Fanzine #11 was published in 1970. The 52-page zine featured a huge Jim Steranko interview with art as well as art and features on Dave Cockrum and Barry Windsor Smith, among others. Groth went on to form Fantagraphics Publishing that still exists.


  1. Also a favorite fanzine I had and the ONLY issue of FANTASTIC FANZINE I ever had, too! Looking at it now, its hard to believe I missed the homoerotic overtones (intentional or otherwise) in Steranko’s cover there!

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