Favorite Fanzines Of My Youth #2

October 20, 2008

Comixscene was a tabloid publication produced by superstar artist Jim Steranko’s Supergraphics Publishing Company in the early 70’s that eventually morphed into Mediascene (with issue #8 I believe) before once again evolving into Prevue Magazine with national newsstand distribution. I bought the first 20 or so issues as I recall. In it’s initial incarnation as Comixscene it was printed as a folded tabloid that primarily reported on the graphics and comics field although other media was featured. The publication, in all three incarnations, was published from 1972 – 1994.


One comment

  1. I got Steranko to sign one of the later tabloid issues of Comixscene at a Con in Columbus, Ohio circa 1981. He was shorter than I expected but projected “cool” in ways today’s celebrity artists can only dream of!

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