The ‘Art’ Of Commitment!

October 26, 2011

OK, I’m as big a fan of T.Rex and Marc Bolan as the next person, as the header of this website will verify. Well, maybe not. I’ve been a fan of T.Rex since 1971 and since then bought all the albums, imports, 8-Tracks, Cassettes, CDs and DVDs. Over the years bought the occasional pin back, poster and T Shirts (tough to find T.Rex merchandise in the states back then). Just bought a new The Slider T-Shirt two weeks ago.

But am I a ‘hardcore’ fan? Well, some people who know me may be inclined to think that way, but do you want to know who some real, legitimate ‘hardcore’ fans are? Take a look at the images (click to enlarge). These are ‘hardcore’ T.Rex fans! That’s commitment!

Have nothing against tattoos (I got my prerequisite Paul Stanley ‘rose’ tattoo in 1974 and my oldest son is probably 70% covered in ‘em – youngest son has none) but at my age, at this stage? I don’t think so.
But it’s pretty cool that other people go for it. I’ve seen lots of Rolling Stones ‘tongue’ logos on people for 30 years or more but it’s amazing how many people have Marc Bolan/T.Rex tats these days, and these images, I am sure, only represent a tiny drop in the bucket.

Like I said, these people are the true ‘hardcore’ fans.

Especially for a musician who’s been gone for 34 years.
To reiterate: That’s commitment!


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