Proper Fashion Taste (?)

November 27, 2011
I very, very rarely wear T-Shirts. Hardly own any compared to most. Only have a couple rock ‘n roll shirts, a Mott The Hoople ‘The Hoople’ and T.Rex’s ‘Electric Warrior’. Had a T.Rex ‘The Slider’ shirt years ago but it’s long gone, so imagine my surprise when I walked into a shop at a mall in New Philadelphia recently and there, amongst all the Michael Jackson and Bob Marley shirts, was one T.Rex t-shirt depicting ‘The Slider’LP.
Yeah, I bought it, thanks to a wave of nostlagia. And thanked the young lady for remembering us old folks.Anyway, I’m the last person who knows anything about fashion taste, but I’m not in bad company owning a T.Rex T-Shirt, to wit (below); Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott, Robbie Williams and Kelly Johnson of Girlsschool, Iggy Pop & Alice Cooper (above).

Among many others, I’m sure….!

And, of course, this (as-of-now) unkown future superstar!

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