This Will Make Your Day, Week, Month, Year….Decade!

February 22, 2012
If you’re a baby boomer, male and heterosexual, getting something like the following will make your day, week, month, year…hell, decade! It did for me!
Doc Lehman:
What a beautiful tribute, thank you so very much. Any time you refer to me as “classy” I will sit up and purr. Also, thank you for the well-chosen pictures. That takes research or a good eye and good taste. You certainly are very perceptive. I remember how much I used to admire Kaye Kendall, married to Rex Harrison, a short career but, oh, what a dazzler, a comedienne.
Enjoy your work, you are a pleasure to watch and read.
Julie Newmar
To which I can only reply: Hubbahubbahubbahubbahubbahubba……!

Julie’s newest book! Buy it! Now!

NOTE: I had been ‘enamored’with Julie Newmar, one of the most beautiful women on the planet, since I first saw her as a kid on the old Love That Bob TV show starring Bob Cummins. My Mom never missed it. And then she appeared on Batman as Catwoman and stole the hearts of millions of boys & men for life. Mine included. I had written an article about her and to get a response is pretty cool! Also, back in 2008 on this website I briefly wrote about her HERE

Click on images to enlarge!

Julie THEN!

  Julie NOW!


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