Favorite Females Of The 60′s Pt. 6

February 22, 2012

Putting that post together the other day about Bob Hope’s annual Christmas Show visits to Vietnam, and seeing those photos of Raquel Welch, brought back a pleasant memory. Back in the 1960’s while living out in the country on Millborne Road my kid brother, all of 11 years old I think, spotted an awesome poster of Raquel Welch at a store in Massillon, OH. He bought it!

Cripes, that was cool. A nice poster of Raquel, one of the reigning sex symbols of the 60’s. We were fans of hers from Fantastic Voyage and One Million B.C. movies. Not long afterwards he came across another poster and decided then and there that he would collect Raquel Welch posters. Within a couple years we had moved to Apple Creek and he had assembled a decent collection. Since we shared a room half of the wall space was mine, he asked if he could have extra space to display his Raquel posters.


He could have them all.

The one poster that impressed the neighborhood kids and cousins was one of her in skin-tight jeans and a bikini top (see above) that was six feet tall! It covered the bedroom door from top to bottom. Awesome!

Once we moved to Apple Creek we each had our own room for the first time so Raquel and I didn’t see each other much afterwards as my room was filling up with albums, guitars, comic books, rock n roll magazines, paperback books, 8-Tracks, Playboys, ashtrays and anything rock ‘n roll or ‘rebellious’.

But for a few years, Raquel was front and center daily!

I wonder if he still has them? Need to make a call and find out!

(Click on images to enlarge!)



  1. how about Dianna Rigg from The Avengers? She was hot & totally in charge!

    • Mrs. Peel is on the list!

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