An ‘Upbeat’ Success Story!

May 3, 2012

The extremely talented and stunning Constance Gibson, who first gained fame as one of the more popular Upbeat Dancers on the renowned Upbeat TV Show that aired over WEWS Channel 5 in Cleveland, OH from 1964 – 1971, has went on to a super-successful career as a fashion & beauty agent who works with international stars. Constance Gibson recently released her autobiography, She Can Go Where Pretty Girls Go, and it’s now available and a highly recommended read, especially based on the rave reviews that are coming in. From her website:

Author Constance Gibson is a native of Carlisle, South Carolina but grew up in the projects of Cleveland, Ohio.  She began her career as a dancer at age 13, performing in cabarets throughout the Greater Cleveland area.  At fifteen she auditioned and won a spot dancing on the nationally-syndicated television show, Upbeat (1968-1971).  She attended Texas Southern University in Houston and Fordham University in New York City. 

After school she fulfilled a lifelong dream by working in New York’s fashion industry.  Gibson started out as a dresser working under fashion maven Audrey Smaltz and winded up owning her own beauty and fashion agency.  She started “Style Architect” in 1988 and her clients were some of the biggest names in entertainment: Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Morgan Freeman, TLC, SWV, and many many more.  Gibson is married with two step-daughters, and six grandchildren, and divides her time between her homes in South Carolina and New York City.

Deborah & Constance Gibson in the Upbeat Show days. Deborah & Constance are co-owners of Beyond Ink Publishing.

The book, being an autobiography, covers her entire life and there is plenty of remembrances of the Upbeat TV Show as well as her ultra-successful fashion agency. “I was an Upbeat Dancer from 1968 – 1971,” Constance told Bangagong! “It was a magical time working with the biggest stars of that era. Presently residing in New York City, I returned to Cleveland when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honored Upbeat in 2000. The Upbeat Dancers were like family to me, and I am still in touch with Arline Burks, Jeannie Hagedorn, Mary Lynn Curnayn, Jacquelyn Carson and choreographer Hank Nystrom.”

“I am now the owner of Style Architect, a company which provides fashion and beauty services to celebrities. Clients have included Whitney Houston, Morgan Freeman, TLC, SWV, Brittney Spears, and numerous others. You can read about the Upbeat Show and Style Architect in my autobiography, She Can Go Where Pretty Girls Go.”

You can purchase the book where fine books are sold or directly through her website HERE.

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