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This Will Make Your Day, Week, Month, Year….Decade!

February 22, 2012
If you’re a baby boomer, male and heterosexual, getting something like the following will make your day, week, month, year…hell, decade! It did for me!
Doc Lehman:
What a beautiful tribute, thank you so very much. Any time you refer to me as “classy” I will sit up and purr. Also, thank you for the well-chosen pictures. That takes research or a good eye and good taste. You certainly are very perceptive. I remember how much I used to admire Kaye Kendall, married to Rex Harrison, a short career but, oh, what a dazzler, a comedienne.
Enjoy your work, you are a pleasure to watch and read.
Julie Newmar
To which I can only reply: Hubbahubbahubbahubbahubbahubba……!

Julie’s newest book! Buy it! Now!

NOTE: I had been ‘enamored’with Julie Newmar, one of the most beautiful women on the planet, since I first saw her as a kid on the old Love That Bob TV show starring Bob Cummins. My Mom never missed it. And then she appeared on Batman as Catwoman and stole the hearts of millions of boys & men for life. Mine included. I had written an article about her and to get a response is pretty cool! Also, back in 2008 on this website I briefly wrote about her HERE

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Julie THEN!

  Julie NOW!


Favorite Females Of The 60′s Pt. 6

February 22, 2012

Putting that post together the other day about Bob Hope’s annual Christmas Show visits to Vietnam, and seeing those photos of Raquel Welch, brought back a pleasant memory. Back in the 1960’s while living out in the country on Millborne Road my kid brother, all of 11 years old I think, spotted an awesome poster of Raquel Welch at a store in Massillon, OH. He bought it!

Cripes, that was cool. A nice poster of Raquel, one of the reigning sex symbols of the 60’s. We were fans of hers from Fantastic Voyage and One Million B.C. movies. Not long afterwards he came across another poster and decided then and there that he would collect Raquel Welch posters. Within a couple years we had moved to Apple Creek and he had assembled a decent collection. Since we shared a room half of the wall space was mine, he asked if he could have extra space to display his Raquel posters.


He could have them all.

The one poster that impressed the neighborhood kids and cousins was one of her in skin-tight jeans and a bikini top (see above) that was six feet tall! It covered the bedroom door from top to bottom. Awesome!

Once we moved to Apple Creek we each had our own room for the first time so Raquel and I didn’t see each other much afterwards as my room was filling up with albums, guitars, comic books, rock n roll magazines, paperback books, 8-Tracks, Playboys, ashtrays and anything rock ‘n roll or ‘rebellious’.

But for a few years, Raquel was front and center daily!

I wonder if he still has them? Need to make a call and find out!

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Cool Girls Wear Cool Shirts

November 27, 2011
Recently I saw a nephew in another town and we got to talking for a few minutes. He asked me if I was a comic book fan when I was a kid, he heard stories, and I confirmed it. And then, with a crap-eating grin he then told me he wasn’t a fan of superheroes too much until he saw a website that turned him into a fan.
So, what website was that?
His reponse? ‘Hot Chicks In Batman Shirts’!
So I checked it out. Very interesting, pretty cool in fact. These are reader submitted photos of….well, girls in Batman shirts. A couple are… risque…. the ones where a couple of them are in their Batman shirts and it appears their kid brother’s Underoos. There’s also a huge archive.

Very, very nice young ladies. Just glad my daughter is grown and in her 30’s and I don’t have any Granddaughters!

Wonder how long it’ll take my grandsons to find this website?


Favorite Females Of The 60’s Pt. 5

October 28, 2008
The Ikettes back Tina & Ike.

The Ikettes back Tina & Ike.

The Ikettes were originally the backing vocal group of female singers of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue but were so talented that they eventually began releasing their own records in addition to recording and touring with Ike & Tina. Their first single as a separate entity away from Ike & Tina was I’m Blue (The Gong Gong Song) released in 1962 with Tina appearing with some background vocals.


Throughout the 1960’s and into the very early 1970’s the line-up frequently changed but they were always a highlight whenever the Ike & Tina Turner Revue appeared on various television shows like Ed Sullivan, Smothers Brothers, Shindig, Where The Action Is, American Palace, Merv Griffin and many others. I always tried to catch the act on those shows for the music and certainly for Tina (her voice, and other things, were h-o-t) but I can clearly recall being captivated by the Ikettes, beautiful women who could sing and, damn, son, they could dance!


Another quality that caught my fancy were those amazing white miniskirts! (But we won’t go there.) Needless to say, the Ikettes were sexy, talented and full of explosive energy, just damn entertaining.


Among early members were Robbie Montgomery, Venetta Fields and Jessie Smith. Soon after P.P. Arnold would join the Ikettes as would Shelley Clarke who would go on to the Honeycombs. Other members throughout the run of the band would include such beautiful talents as Bonnie Bramlett, Jean Brown, Mary Brown, Brenda Holloway, Janice Singleton, Delores Johnson, Gloria Scott, Diane Rutherford, Jackie Stanton, Linda Sims, Marcy Thomas, Adrienne Williams, Debbie Wilson, Flora Williams and several others.


Among some of the singles the Ikettes released throughout the years included Troubles On My Mind, Heavenly Love, Prisoner of Love, (He’s Gonna Be) Fine, Fine, Fine, I’m So Thankful, Peaches & Cream, Da Doo Ron Ron, The Biggest Players and many others on such labels as Teena, Innis, Atco and others.



The Ikettes kickin' it!

The Ikettes kickin’ it!




Favorite Females Of The 60’s Pt. 4

October 12, 2008
Julie Newmar is a Living Doll!

Julie Newmar is a Living Doll!

I knew Julie Newmar was something special and it didn’t take the Batman television series to convince me. My first exposure to the classy Julie Newmar was on the old My Living Doll television show starring Bob Cummings that ran from September 27, 1964 to September 8, 1965. My Mom watched anything Bob Cummings was in so we watched My Living Doll and Ms. Newmar captured my imagination way back then. It’s one of the first times I remember looking at an actress on TV and thinking: ‘Wow, she’s absolutely beautiful!’


Ms. Newmar was born Julie Chalene Newmeyer in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Helen Jesmer, was a Ziegfeld Follies dancer and her father, Donald Newmeyer, was a former pro football tackle for the Los Angeles Buccaneers.


She has appeared in numerous films and on Broadway, winning a Tony Award for Marriage Go-Round.



Julie Newmar & Burt Ward

Julie Newmar & Burt Ward



Among her many TV appearances over the years include such shows as Star Trek, in the ‘Friday’s Child’ episode. Other appearances included It Takes A Thief, Get Smart, The Monkees, Beverly Hillbillies, F-Troop, Twilight Zone, Route 66, The Defenders, Person To Person, Phil Silvers, Bionic Woman, Bewitched, Love American Style, McMillan & Wife and dozens of others.

In My Living Doll she appeared as AF709, or, Rhoda The Robot. She was an android who was left in the care of one Dr. Bob McDonald, played by Cummings who was to complete her education and programming and, in a sense, instruct her to become the ‘perfect woman’.

Of course, she is probably best known to us Boomers as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman on the 60’s Batman TV show. She appeared 13 times on the series. She opted out of the ‘66 Batman film to take another role being replaced by Lee Meriwether. In the Batman series Eartha Kitt portrayed Catwoman in the last season. Since that time Michelle Pfieffer and Halley Berry have played the character but no one will ever replace Ms. Newmar, not even Angelina Jolie, who Ms. Newmar has publicly suggested appear in the next Batman film as Catwoman.



As Adam West likely surmised, Ms. Newmar looks good at any angle.

As Adam West likely surmised, Ms. Newmar looks good at any angle.




Favorite Females Of The 60’s Pt. 3

October 5, 2008

Yvonne Craig has became something of a 60’s icon given her numerous television and film roles (she made two movies with Elvis, ya know!). Of her many TV appearances, including such shows as Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Land of the Giants, Wild Wild West, My Three Sons, McHale’s Navy, The Big Valley, Wagon Train, Death Valley Days, Mod Squad, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Jim Backus Show, Man From UNCLE and many, many others, she is most remembered and noted for two TV appearances, her one-year role as Batgirl on ABC’s Batman television show and an appearance on Star Trek (‘Whom Gods Destroy) as the Orion slave girl, Marta.


Remembering (Venus) Mariska

September 28, 2008

Mariska Veres was a beautiful, mysterious and talented singer who, beginning in 1968, fronted the Shocking Blue, a band from Holland who achieved superstardom in Europe and elsewhere and were best known in the USA for their mega-hit Venus. The video the band did that was distributed to various USA television programs captivated millions of young men and boys once they saw Mariska’s captivating looks and powerful voice. After the band broke up in 1974 Mariska started a successful solo career in her native Holland and eventually had her own top rated television show. Sadly, Mariska passed away on December 2, 2006 of cancer at age 59. Mariska was born on October 1, 1947 and to celebrate her upcoming birthday in a couple days the Shocking Blue Memorial Website has some special plans. Check out the website for everything and anything Mariska Veres and the Shocking Blue.


Mariska Veres

Mariska Veres



Favorite Females of the 60’s Pt. 2

September 25, 2008
Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra

I fell in love with Nancy Sinatra sometime in 1966. I saw her on a Hullabaloo TV show appearance where she did ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ with a bevy of mini-skirted, go-go booted young ladies and it was love at first sight. My older brother bought her LPs and she appeared on lots of TV shows and films. She helped define the ‘look’ of the mid-sixties (mini skirts & go-go boots). And hell, she’s the Chairman of the Board’s daughter and she made a movie with Elvis.


Favorite Females of the 60’s Pt. 1

September 24, 2008

Nichelle Nichols. She played Lieutenant Uhura, communications officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise on Star Trek. Beautiful, talented and very classy. (Always loved those inadvertent ‘panty shots’ in the original series.)

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