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  1. Doc,

    Quick question. I believe Iggy and the Stooges played in Akron in Jan. of 1974. They were featured on Zepplin Magazine and played the Allen Theater in Cleveland around this time. Wondering if you knew if they played Akron and if so the date.
    Thanks for your time.

    Jim Lahde

  2. I was doing some research on line about the World Series of Rock concert at Cleveland Stadium on August 23rd, 1975 and I stumbled upon your web site. Myself and two buddies attended this show. We drove down from suburban Detroit and had a riot of a time! We were just 16 years old and, of course, attended many concerts during this period of our lives, but this particular one stands out in my memory. Like yourself, I still have my ticket stub. In fact, just recently I was able to obtain a copy of Blue Oyster Cult’s set from this date. If you’re interested, I can burn you a copy for old times sake.

  3. FYI…the 1974 concert with CSNY had both The Band & Santana leading into CSNY. Remember the make-shift med help with the arm bands and when the crowd shimmied out on the rafters and unscrewed all of the lightbulbs just enough to turn them off? Fun concert!

  4. FYI – I was also at the ’74 stadium concert with CSN&Y, 16 years old at the time, what a fantastic time. Besides The Band and Santana there was also Jesse Colin Young from the Youngbloods. I remember the rumor circulating before The Band’s set that Dylan was going to show up on stage, didn’t happen though. I remember the following afternoon listening to Denny Sanders on WMMS, he was really upset at the Plain Dealer on account of their negative coverage regarding the concert, nothing about the music itself, just ragging on about the crowd.

  5. I also attended the 1st Ohio River Rock Festival on 8/3/75, I was 19 at the time. I finally searched and found your site. For some reason, the sights and sounds and the heat of that day are set in my mind. Also I think it ended up raining, so we got some relief. I traveled from Columbia TN, to meet up with friends in Lousiville KY and we drove to the show. We got lost in Cincy (guess why) but had a CB radio. We got directions and finally made it to the stadium. I had never seen such a sight as I saw that day. You saw it too so you know. I can never forget, but don’t have anything left from that show.

    Can you get me any pictures of that day?

  6. My Mom &Dad was on the Gene Carol show April 1st I think 1977 or 1976 I am not sure of the year but they were asked to come back but my Mom said with us 5 kids she couldnt find the time. The reason I am writing is I would some how like to find the footage of that day see both my parants have passed on I do not have any thing of any kind of music they ever played. See my parants got divorced when I was 16 and every thing and everyone got scatterd I am trying to find the day where they came to your show . Would you some how be able to help me? This would mean the wourld to me I am 42 years old now Iwas Just a little girl then but We all Loved the show. Can you help Me find this?

  7. Hey, Doc no disrespect. but please get your facts
    straight, regarding Mistreater.
    You can call Curt or me to get the right info out there. Thanks, Curt and Mary Ann Luedy,# is in the book, take care. Mistreater.

  8. Doc:

    What a great blog/website! I could spend hours on this site. I was recently in contact with “The Mods” and found out that two of their members have passed away.

    Would you like me to put a link to this site on our site?

    Ken Stephen

  9. I saw the Boston Hagar concert in 1978 at Richfield too! I was telling my son’s the other day Hagar rocked harder than anyone I ever saw (that day). Blue Oyster Cult at the same venue was a close second. Thanks for the memory!


  10. Hey Doc~
    You probably don’t remember me, but we graduated together! Debbie Lacy just sent me the info on the reunion you guys are planning. I think it sounds fun!!! Can’t wait to come home. But, the main reason I am writing is to let you know that I LOVE your web site!!! So many memories… Just scrolling down the page, I saw, “Dorothy Fuldheim’s name!!” (I can’t believe I even remember who she is.) AND Chippewa Lake Park!!! What great memories from that place!! I didn’t realize I was so homesick!!! Thanks for sharing this with me!!! I’ll see you in September! KJ

    • Hey Kathy!! I hope you will be coming to the reunion. Would love to see you!!

  11. Hi Sue!! YES! Dave and I will be at the reunion! I cannot wait…Thanks for writing…

  12. I was at the Stevie Wonder/Rolling Stones concert at the Rubber Bowl too!

    I was wondering if you might have been to Colorado in the Summer of 1970 for a festival up in the mountains near Dillon, Colorado? I’m trying to gather info and find people who may have been there. Probaby July or August 1970. No bands, just gobs of people getting stoned, singing and loving the gathering.

    Were you there by chance? Know anyone who might have been?


    • I was also at the stones at the rubber bowl. and also three dog night.

  13. enjoy the memories

  14. Hi Doc,
    Cool site you may like to add to your links:


  15. Doc,
    Congratulations on an excellent site – it’ll be months before I read every page! I notice that you’re a big T.Rex fan and wondered if you’d read Goodbye Mickey Finn by Philip who’so been a mate of mine since we got into Bolan back in ’69. It’s an interesting take on the T.Rex story and well worth a read.You can download it from Amazon. Once again, well done with the site.

  16. Awesome work Doc!! I kind of browsed thru it but I didn’t see one of my all time favorites,
    Warren Zevon. I sure miss his work.
    Real good work Doc, it’s fun reading.

  17. Awesome Doc!! I only browsers thru but I didn’t see anything about one of my all time favorites, Warren Zevon. I sure miss his work.

    • Sorry for the double…

  18. Very cool Doc. My name is Allan Sholar and I was just talking with Ray Rigas about Mistreater and Ron Wilmoth. We played in a band from Rittman “The Threat” 1980-85. I’d like to get a copy of the Mistreater album. any leads. Keep Bangin the Gong.

  19. Perhaps you would like to know that the very talented choreographer/director Hank Nystrom passed away this morning, November 21, 2012.

  20. What year was REO Speed Wagon there? I remember going to a concert that started in the evening. I believe it was Friday and the concert ended Sunday at midnight. I was in school at EKU at the time. I brought two cartons cigs and could have anything I wanted. The rest did not think about cigs but had all kind of drugs.

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