Playing Tunes

February 10, 2013

Back in the day everyone, and we mean everyone, had a record player. And they got quite a work-out.










Great (Jane) Scott!

February 6, 2013



Shown here are some photos of legendary rock music journalist Jane Scott interviewing T.Rex’s Marc Bolan in 1972. T.Rex appeared in Cleveland twice that year, on February 25 at the Yorktown Theatre and on September 28 at the Allen Theatre (which I attended).


Jane Scott, along with Gloria Stavers, was one of the first women to cover rock music. She was the country’s first music critic for a major daily newspaper (Cleveland Plain Dealer), a gig she held for nearly 50 years. From the Beatles to Duran Duran, she saw and interviewed them all.


Jane Scott, who retired at age 82, passed away on July 4, 2011 at the age of 92. On July 5, 2012 the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum unveiled a life-size bronze statue of Jane. Her papers, files and memorabilia were donated to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum.




You Gotta Start Somewhere!

January 30, 2013












Rock & Roll Eye Candy Pt. 5

January 30, 2013

Last year we posted Rock ‘N Roll Eye Candy Parts One thru Four. We’ve stumbled across a few more so… here is Part Five and a few more billboards from ‘back in the day’, the glory years of rock & roll.

Click on images to enlarge.

















Hanging Out

January 28, 2013


John Lennon & Paul McCartney in what is purported to be the last known photograph taken of them together. 1974.


Random Beatles Nostalgia

January 28, 2013











‘The Slider’ Turns 40

November 27, 2012

Now remastered for the first time by Tony Visconti, this classic album – released in July 1972 on the back of three chart-topping T.Rex LPs – provides a perfect snapshotof the era the press dubbed ‘T. Rextasy’ and is proof of Bolan’s extraordinary and enduring appeal across the generations.

The Slider contained two UK Number 1 hit singles, Telegram Sam and Metal Guru – the latter famously regarded by Morrissey as “pop perfection”. It was the first to bear the T.Rex Wax Co imprint, a seal of approval from EMI Records, who felt Bolan sufficiently important to warrant having his own record label.   On the accompanying DVD, Tony Visconti recalls the making of the album in an exclusive new 105-minute interview with Bolan biographer Mark Paytress.

The DVD also features TV footage including performances of Telegram Sam and Metal Guru from Top Of The Pops, ITV performance footage of Cadilac, Spaceball Ricochet and Telegram Sam, plus Marc’s interview with Russell Harty from 1972. Rounding off the DVD is footage of Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn visiting EMI’s pressing plant, a TV advert for The Slider and a US promotional film of Buick Mackane.

Tony Visconti has also written a special essay for the 48-page hardback coffee-table book included in the box, which also features a 6,000-word essay by Paytress, rare photos and reproductions of archive material. Also included in the set, which comes in a sturdy 12” x 12” box, is a 180g vinyl pressing of the original album, its two spin-off singles and a repro of the hugely collectable promo-only Chariot Choogle 45, all in facsimile T. Rex Wax Co paper sleeves.   Rounding off the package is a 40-page book of the sheet music for every song on the album, an A2 poster, sticker, plastic carrier bag, sew-on patch and facsimiles of an original Bolan fan club letter, membership card, rosette and concert ticket.


2 x CDs / 1 x DVD / 1 x 180gram vinyl LP / 3 x 7” singles

48 page casebound book

Liner notes by:   • Tony Visconti   • Mark Paytress   • Marc Bolan

105 minute filmed interview with Tony Visconti

Top Of The Pops and other TV appearances

40 page book of sheet music


Plus reproductions of memorabilia and ephemera


Rock ‘N Roll Eye Candy Part 4

November 19, 2012

Back on August 7 of this year we posted Rock ‘N Roll Eye Candy Part Three. We’ve stumbled across a few more so… here is Part Four and a few more billboards from ‘back in the day’, the glory years of rock & roll.

Click on images to enlarge.

And if you’re wondering why a hard rocker like myself would use a Bobby Sherman billboard it’s dedicated in honor of my very special ‘Birthday Sister’ Jeannie. I know, I know……



Leaving On A Jet Plane

October 4, 2012

Marc Bolan prepares to fly off to some part of the world for a T.Rex gig(s) sometime back in the 70’s.


Marc Bolan & Friends Pt. 2

September 30, 2012

Here is another collection of photos of Marc Bolan hanging out with some of his better known friends. In addition to appearing on stage with various bands & performers throughout his career Bolan also appeared on numerous singles and albums by other performers.

Happy Birthday, Jeepster!

David Bowie & Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan & Robert Plant

Elton, Marc, Ringo

Harry Nilsson & Marc Bolan

Keith Moon & Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan & Alice Cooper

Marc Bolan & Dave Vanian

Marc Bolan, Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney

George Harrison & Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan & Ringo Starr


Getting Social: Rockers Hanging Out Pt.2

September 30, 2012

Here’s another selection of photos of various rock & roll stars hanging out
and partying with various friends of various bands from the 1960’s & 1970’s.
It’s like one big club!

Janis Joplin & Grace Slick

Nico & Brian Jones

Gene Simmons & Brooke Shields

Steven Tyler & Rick Derringer

Diana Ross & Brian Jones

Gene Simmons & Bowser

Keith, Mick & Bob

Mick Ronson & Lou Reed

Keith Richards, James Brown, John Belushi

Todd Rundgren, Bebe Buell, Alice Cooper

David Bowie, Yoko, John Lennon

Neil Young & Patti Smith

Mick, John, Yoko

Freddy Mercury & Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter & Joe Elliott

Dolly Parton & Mick Jagger

Cher, Sonny, Bob Dylan

Chuck Berry & Mick Jagger


‘Rocktober’ Like It’s 1976

September 22, 2012

This website gets lots of ‘hits’. Lots. And the majority is from all around the country and, in fact, the world. So this entry probably won’t hold much interest to most of Bangagong’s visitors but it’s important to me, personal, you know?
I attended high school at Orrville High School in Orrville, OH from 1972 – 1976 and I can say, without any doubt, that everyone I attended high school with were among some of the best people I have ever associated with. When I think of my former classmates words like decent, integrity, fun, character, respect come immediately to mind.
Well, next month the OHS Class of ’76 is coming together for a good thing. and everyone is invited, inlcuding you! Thanks to such wonderful & special people like Ruth, Jeannie, Shelly, Jeff and so many others.
The Orrville High School Class of ’76 Reunion Committee has announced a special event to benefit the Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship Fund. The 1st Annual ‘Rocktober Reunion Benefit’ will be held on Friday evening October 12, 2012 from 8:00 PM – Midnight at the Orrville Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 3446 located at 430 W. Market Street in Orrville, OH. The evening will be a benefit for the Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship Fund with all proceeds going towards the continual building of the Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship Fund.

 Admission will be $10.00 per person. There will be a cash bar and Dalessandro Concessions will be providing food at a special low price. The event will run from 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM and will include a 50/50, raffle items and music provided by Liquid Sky. All proceeds will go to the Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship Fund. The event is open to any OHS alumni from any class.
The scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior of the Class of 2016, the 40th anniversary of the Class of 1976’s graduation. The Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship will be awarded in memory of former classmates who are no longer with us, including Daniel Rehm, Steve Rogers, Joe Derflinger, Greg Begert, Mike Weiss & Richard Wright.
During the Saturday evening activities the renowned band, Liquid Sky will be performing. The professional band features Class of ’76 alumni Ed Marthey on keyboards. Liquid Sky, a band from Akron, Ohio, is a group of five talented men who have crafted a show that has something for everyone, particularly those who want to rock.
The band specializes in music that most other rock-n-roll bands don’t usually play while keeping it highly danceable. In short, they are rock without apology. Liquid Sky consists of Marthey, Ben Powers, Brad Johnson, Bruce Lindamood and Chip Maggio, who performed at the OHS Class of ’76 35th Reunion held last September 17, 2011.


The GOODWILL BAND will be opening for LIQUID SKY at the 1st Annual ‘Rocktober Reunion Benefit’. The Goodwill Band consists of Jim Good, Tom Williams & Bob Good. All three began their music careers in Orrville and have all performed with a number of bands throughout the years.
The three longtime friends hooked up in 1999 as the Goodwill Band and have played all over the state, most notably at the Miss Ohio Festival and opening for Red Ball Jets at The Brickhouse. They were also fixtures at the former Starboard Café in Orrville.
The Goodwill Band performs both originals and covers of songs by Beatles, Eagles, CSN&Y, The Who, Hollies, Al Jackson and others.
Tickets are available at Gary’s Drive Thru and the State Liquor Agency, both located at 331 West High Street in Orrville as well as via mail order.
More information, including possible additional fund-raising activities for that evening, will be announced soon. “Just from our class website and Facebook page, we already have commitments from former classmates in four states who will be attending,” said Walentik-Johnston. “This will be a special, special night!”

To order tickets send $10.00 per person (checks made out to Class of ’76) to: Ruth Walentik-Johnston, 347 Wabash Avenue, Orrville, OH 44667. Pre-sale tickets will be mailed. For those wanting more event information, suggestions, make donations of raffle prizes, contact Walentik-Johnston at: 216.820.1439 or email: ruthjohnston@sbcglobal.net Updated information will also appear on the OHS Class of ’76 website at: http://ohs76.wordpress.com
In the meantime anyone can donate to the ‘Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship’ fund at anytime by sending a check to the reunion committee (Ruth Walentik-Johnston, 347 Wabash Avenue, Orrville, OH 44667). Donors are asked to signify on the check memo that the monies are designated to the scholarship fund. Make checks & money orders payable to OHS Class of 1976.

The OHS Class of ’76 Memorial Scholarship Fund is in memory of Daniel Rehm, Steve Rogers, Joe Derflinger, Greg Begert, Mike Weiss & Richard Wright.

Daniel Rehm


Rock ‘N Roll Eye Candy Part 3

August 7, 2012

Back on January 3 of this year we posted Rock ‘N Roll Eye Candy Part One and several weeks back Part Two was posted. We’ve stumbled across a few more so… here is Part Three and a few more billboards from ‘back in the day’, the glory years of rock & roll. Click on images to enlarge.


‘Big Time’ Rock N Roll In A Small Town Pt. 2

August 6, 2012

Back in the 1960’s Wayne County, Ohio was your typical Midwestern rural/farming community. Amish buggies dotted the outlying areas (and even in the towns & cities.. And still do!). And you wouldn’t think a mellow-appearing rural-type county would have many, if any, rock & roll culture back then, but it did, especially the Wooster & Orrville communities.

Back in the 60’s Orrville hosted various sock hops and dances with local bands, and on occasion bigger named bands like Terry Knight & The Pack came to town, usually before or after an Upbeat TV Show taping in Cleveland. In 1979 Kim Simmonds’s Savoy Brown performed at Wayne County Speedway.

But Wooster, Ohio, the county seat of Wayne County, was at times a hotbed of live appearances during the 60’s and into the 1980’s. With plenty of local bands springing up in the wake of Beatlemania in the area, like JD and the Malibus, The Streys, Me & The Guys, The Repercussions, Spoonjobs, Olivers, Blue Steel, Blue Prynts as well as bands from neighboring counties like the Es-Shades from Ashland and Music Explosion from Mansfield.

                       The Spoonjobs, a band from Wooster, OH

Those bands, and others, brought the teenagers in to local venues, like school gyms, the Wooster Armory and the YMCA. But bigger named regional and national acts performed during the 60’s at both the YMCA and Wooster Armory. Bands like the Amboy Dukes with Ted Nugent, the James Gang with Joe Walsh, Glass Harp, The Outsiders, Terry Knight & The Pack, Damnation of Adam Blessing and the Bob Seger System, among others.

                                    Amboy Dukes w/ Ted Nugent

(Club 42, The Ranch (El Rancho Grande) in Wooster, The Dugout in Ashland, and the Mixer in Bucyrus were other venues that local & regional bands performed at.)

                                                        James Gang

Once the 70’s hit the powers that be at the College of Wooster loosened up and started bringing in national acts open to the public. I was able to catch a couple of these and the performances and venues on-campus like the Timken Gym & Lowry Center were outstanding. I can recall Vanilla Fudge playing there and a little later on Sly & The Family Stone, Spirit (saw that one!), Styx (saw that one, too) and Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express during the early years of the 70’s.

Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express

I remember wanting to see Emerson, Lake & Palmer (with opening act Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show) on April 9, 1972 but the Old Man dragged the family to Colorado just in time to miss it. However, as I later discovered the next several months or so of listening to more of their music, I never could get myself to get into ELP. Still can’t. Also passed on the Charlie Daniels Band.

One College of Wooster show I caught, at the last minute and thanks to my cousin Sue, was Ike & Tina Turner and the Ikettes on June 30, 1972. Between the band, Tina and the Ikettes, it made up for missing out on Sly & The Family Stone.

On May 13, 1974, the Beach Boys played and a friend talked me into going with dates. Went expecting to be bored, but it was a pretty good show and they were on.

My cousin got a handful of tickets for the November 3, 1974 Souther-Hillman-Furay concert. She wanted to see them because Richie Furay had just left Poco, a band we saw at the Akron Civic Theatre. Was surprised when on stage was former Derek & The Dominoes member Jim Gordon and Al Perkins and Paul Harris were in Stephan Stills’ Manassas. Livingston Taylor was the support act.

                                          Souther – Hillman – Furay

In February 1980 the Michael Stanley band, on top in northeast Ohio and surrounding regions, played at the College of Wooster’s Timken Gym to a jam packed crowd and a roof-raising performance. My kid sister, who was there, brought it up in conversation just a few days ago. The last show I attended
was David Johansen on April 22, 1983. Ronald Koal & The Trillionaires were the support act.

In the late 70’s the Wooster Theatre, originally known as the Lyric Theatre,  became the Schine’s Theater and renamed Wooster Theatre under the Shrine chain. After closing it sat dormant for a considerable length of time before local investors Henry & Chell Bishop purchased the property in 1976 put Henry Bishop in the Manager’s position.

Bishop managed to give it a facelift by renovating the restrooms, main offices, improved lighting, carpeting, painting and other improved amenities. Bishop, who also held down a full time job at White Jewelry, began showing films, offering $1 movie nights. The Bishop’s closed won the theatre in 1981 due to declining attenance but the following year leased it to Alice Schafrath who reinvented the theatre as the Theatrical Lounge and eventually brought in live entertainment, not the least of which were appearances by nationally known acts.

Theatrical Lounge

With a bar installed the Theatrical Lounge began offering a variety of entertainment, with local & regional bands like The Godz, White Horse, McGuffy Lane, Norman Nardini & The Tigers,  Link, Raising Cain, country performer Lacy J. Dalton, Diamondback,  the Chippendale’s and, of all things, Caesar The Bear, a wrestling bear that would take on all locals for a potential cash prize. One of the top names brought in was Nazareth. It eventually closed in 1988 and in 1999 the building was demolished.

You can read ‘Big Time’ Rock N Roll In A Small Town Pt.1 by clicking HERE.


Ian Hunter’s New LP & Tour

July 26, 2012

As leader of ’70s British rock legends Mott the Hoople and as a hugely
influential solo artist, Ian Hunter is widely revered as one of
rock’n’roll’s most compelling performers and one of its most articulate

On September 4, 2012, Hunter will release When I’m President, his 20th album of original songs, and the latest highlight in a storied career that’s
produced immortal anthems like ‘All The Young Dudes,’ ‘All the Way From
Memphis,’ ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’ and ‘Cleveland Rocks.’

The new album’s 11 Hunter originals include such infectious, personally
charged numbers as the wry, socially conscious title track, the gently
introspective ‘Fatally Flawed’ the bittersweet ballad ‘Black Tears,‘ the
chugging rocker ‘Wild Bunch,‘ the swaggering ‘I Don’t Know What You Want’
(which features a guest vocal by Hunter’s son Jesse) and the vivid, haunting
‘Ta Shunka Witco (Crazy Horse)’-all of which showcase the jagged immediacy
of Hunter’s one-of-a-kind voice and the punchy authority of his longstanding
all-star backup combo the Rant Band.

‘The songs seem to be more upbeat this time round,’ Hunter notes. ‘The last
two albums were pretty political, just because I thought the Bush years were
horrible, and thankfully that’s passed. But I don’t go looking for songs; I
have to wait for them to come to me. I had a spurt there in the summer of
2011, and that grew into this album. I’d get up every day with something
ringing in my head, so I’d try to catch it and get it down. Songwriting’s
always been a mystery to me in that way. Now and again you’re nearer the
sun, and you have to be ready to capture it.’

The qualities of musical depth and emotional honesty that distinguish When
I’m President have been constants in Ian Hunter’s expansive body of work.

Hunter was already a young veteran of London’s burgeoning rock scene when he joined Mott the Hoople in 1969, and recorded four iconoclastic albums with the quintet by the time it rode the glam-rock wave to international
superstardom with the David Bowie-produced 1972 album All the Young Dudes and its Bowie-penned title hit. The band’s artistic and commercial success continued with 1973’s Mott and 1974’s The Hoople and Mott the Hoople Live, helping to set the stage for the rise of British punk and new wave before the group disbanded in 1974.

Hunter moved to New York and segued into a celebrated solo career with
1975’s Ian Hunter, quickly building a formidable body of solo releases that
expanded upon the achievements of his former band.

Following 1983’s well-received All of the Good Ones Are Taken, Hunter took
an extended hiatus that kept him out of the spotlight for much the next
decade, until the 1993 death of his longtime friend and collaborator,
guitarist Mick Ronson, jolted him back into musical action.

Like such acclaimed recent Hunter releases as Rant (2001), Shrunken Heads
(2007) and Man Overboard (2009), When I’m President – his first new
recording since Mott the Hoople’s historic 2009 reunion shows at London’s
Hammersmith Odeon-ranks with Hunter’s most impassioned and insightful work.
Hunter’s creative rebirth has produced some of the best music of his lengthy
career, and When I’m President continues the remarkable resurgence of this
true believer in rock ‘n’ roll’s transformative power.

Hunter will kick of a tour of the United States and Europe on September 1.
More details will be announced shortly.


USA, European and Scandanavian Tour
01 Jul 2012 Paddock Wood, Kent England – Hop Farm Festival
01 Sep 2012 Portland OR – Aladdin Theater
02 Sep 2012 Seattle WA – Bumbershoot Festival
07 Sep 2012 Catanzaro, Italy – Settembre Al Parco Festival
13 Sep 2012 Philadelphia PA – World Cafe Live
14 Sep 2012 New York NY – Highline Ballroom
15 Sep 2012 Washington DC – The Howard Theatre
27 Sep 2012 Cleveland OH – Beachland Ballroom
28 Sep 2012 Chicago IL – City Winery
29 Sep 2012 Chicago IL – City Winery
05 Oct 2012 Stockholm, Sweden – Nalen
06 Oct 2012 Falkenberg, Sweden – Falkenhallen
07 Oct 2012 Oslo, Norway – John Dee
08 Oct 2012 Malmo, Sweden – Kulturbolaget
12 Oct 2012 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England – Tyne Journal Theatre
13 Oct 2012 Glasgow, Scotland – 02 ABC
14 Oct 2012 Holmfirth, England – Picturedrome
16 Oct 2012 Leicester, England – Y Theatre
18 Oct 2012 Manchester, England – HMV Ritz
19 Oct 2012 London, England 02 – Shepherds Bush Empire
20 Oct 2012 Birmingham, England – Town Hall
23 Oct 2012 Bath, England – Komedia
25 Oct 2012 Harrogate, England – Royal Hall
26 Oct 2012 Brighton, England – Concorde 2
27 Oct 2012 Northampton, England – The Roadmender

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