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Mott The Hoople…..Reunited In ’09?

September 25, 2008

Never in all my wildest dreams would I have ever thought it possible: A Mott The Hoople reunion? It just may happen.


Recently original member Verden Allen slipped the word during a radio interview that Mott The Hoople will reunite in 2009 for at least a couple of British gigs (possibly some USA appearances???) to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary. 2009 will also mark Ian Hunter’s 70th (!) birthday.


As an a-v-i-d Mott The Hoople fan since 1971 I always figured they would never reunite, even temporarily, after years of reading interviews with Ian Hunter, Dale ‘Buffin’ Griffin and others, all stating that ‘le Hoople would never reform, regroup or reunite. Pete ‘Overend’ Watts’ adamant refusal to even discuss the possibility for the past several decades has almost become legendary.


One other clue: Ian Hunter, for years, has dismissed a Mott The Hoople reunion. But in a recent Horse’s Mouth entry on his website (where Hunter addresses and answers his fans), this occurred in the August 15 edition: “Willie Fae, Glasgow: ‘Rumours at fever pitch about a Mott the Hoople Reunion.’  (Hunter’s response:) ‘You never know, William. You never know….’” That’s as close to an admission as you’ll get!


Allen’s interview on the Rock The Mike show on BCB Radio, hosted by Mike Mitchell, revealed that tentatively the original five have agreed to reunite in ’09 with a couple appearances already scheduled for the London Hammersmith with additional venues to follow. Rumors persist of a possible album as well, a subject Allen teased. Some former members are also apparently rehearsing.



You can listen to the interview at: ROCK THE MIKE SHOW


For latest developments I suggest staying current with Ian Hunter’s message board. If they only do British gigs hopefully for us in the USA who can’t make it over we’ll have a new album as well as an eventual live album and a DVD would be nice.

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