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Remembering (Venus) Mariska

September 28, 2008

Mariska Veres was a beautiful, mysterious and talented singer who, beginning in 1968, fronted the Shocking Blue, a band from Holland who achieved superstardom in Europe and elsewhere and were best known in the USA for their mega-hit Venus. The video the band did that was distributed to various USA television programs captivated millions of young men and boys once they saw Mariska’s captivating looks and powerful voice. After the band broke up in 1974 Mariska started a successful solo career in her native Holland and eventually had her own top rated television show. Sadly, Mariska passed away on December 2, 2006 of cancer at age 59. Mariska was born on October 1, 1947 and to celebrate her upcoming birthday in a couple days the Shocking Blue Memorial Website has some special plans. Check out the website for everything and anything Mariska Veres and the Shocking Blue.


Mariska Veres

Mariska Veres


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